Curious Arts

Community Drama for All

We are all human and each and every one of us is unique and extraordinary. We deserve to be listened to, heard and understood. Drama, as a tool for exploring issues and topics can be both fun and inclusive. When communication is not easy, drama can step in and create a safe environment for expressing yourself, especially if you have an emotional or physical problem.





What do we do?

We run drama workshops specifically for those who do not normally have access to creative ways of expressing themselves, but who would benefit from the space and empowerment which this offers.

We run drama programmes which can last anywhere from half an hour to 10 weeks or more and are created specifically to address the needs of those who are going to be attending.
We are highly flexible and have the advantage of being able to either bring our workshops to you (perhaps to your school, youth centre, care home, detention centre, or workplace) or rent a suitable space in which the group can work, so that you can come to us. The workshop will then run for a set amount of time as a one-off or regular arrangement, depending on what you wish to achieve.


Who we work with?

We work with many groups of people, including young offenders, young people with behavioural or emotionalissues, looked-after children, those with mental illness and adults with learning difficulties.


When working with certain groups, we may require (in addition to our own staff) that qualified members of your own support team be on hand, to observe participants, ensuring that their well-being is closely monitored.


We also believe that our workshops can benefit schools, by covering PSHE topics and issues. The children can explore antibullying, transition, healthy relationships, drugs & alcohol issues and other PSHE subjects - all through drama.


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